Friday, October 9, 2015


This is JaxBlade's take on Saitama's training from One Punch Man.  Check it out and let him know what you think. If you like his stuff, remember to subscribe to his channel.

That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Real Anime Training: Pushing

Another video from one of our long time readers, Blackeroni.  If you haven't checked out his stuff, please take the time to do so.  I'll be posting some of his videos here for the time being for our current posting hiatus.


Isometrics are a great way to build strength in different positions. I would recommend that you also change your body position when practicing these pushing exercises. You can push with arms fully extended, arm bent, with your shoulder, with your back against the wall, or perhaps even between two walls in a hallway (Made of brick, please. Don't smash your drywall).  Whatever you have to push against, put your all into it and eventually you'll see great gains.

That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Real Anime Training: Jump like a Ninja

This is a video made by one of our long time readers. If you're looking to train your jumping skills, you should check out this video.

Props to blackeroni for making this. Hopefully, we'll see a lot more people taking Real Anime Training and making it their own.  If you have a Real Anime Training video of a workout or a concept that you'd like to submit, email me at

That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sorry for the delay, guys!

I've just started a new job at a great gym, so I've been acclimating to the new schedule. Be patient with me, I'll be back at it soon!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Goku's Leg Day with King Kai

A couple of episodes into Dragon Ball Super and it delivers with another short training sequence. Goku heads to King Kai's planet and takes advantage of the 10x Gravity by pulling massive weights and squatting them repeatedly. I think it's safe to say that the weights combined weigh more than 40 tons , even without the gravity increase. So, in celebration of Dragon Ball Super, here is a brand new Goku workout.  (The Goku Training Program will be updated when Dragon Ball Super ends.)

Hey, Bubbles! It's leg day!

Goku's Leg Day with King Kai

  1. Heavy Sled Pull- 100 Meters
  2. Back Squat- 20 Reps @ 50-60% of 1 RM
  3. Run- 400 Meters
-AMRAP in 24 Minutes, then
  • Jog at an easy pace for 30 Minutes.

  • The first portion is a rough strength and conditioning workout, while the second portion is so you can run on tired legs and recover a little.
  • The sled pull should be so heavy that you cannot run while pulling it. This should be a grind. 
  • Make sure that you're using the appropriate amount of weight for the back squat. This should be something that feels a little heavy, but you should be able to rep it out at this percentage. 
  • Your 400 Meter Run should be quick. Don't take your time.  Your conditioning may force  you to slow down, but do your best to keep the speed up. 
That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Maito Gai's Basic Training

Before Rock Lee was the king of training, Maito Gai paved the way with his self-rule and devotion to Taijutsu. His father, though not a strong ninja, imparted to Gai the importance of hard work and effort and with very little talent, the young boy grew into the rival of the genius Kakashi.

Somebody had to be this awesome.
Guess it's me.
This workout is based on the training that we see Gai doing during flashbacks. As in everything, know your own body and stop if you have to.  You can always make the workout easier!

Maito Gai's Basic Training

  1. Run 10km
  2. Handwalk 500 Meters
  3. 500+ Push-ups/Fingertip Push-ups 
  4. One Leg Forward Hops- 100 Meters Each Side
  5. Wall Sit- 5 Sets for MAX Time
  6. Double Lateral Hops- 100 Each Side
  7. 500 Punches to Striking Post/Heavy Bag
  8. 500 Kicks to Striking Post/Heavy Bag

  • Do the workout in this order with 3-5 minutes rest in between each exercise. This workout will take you a few hours, so make sure you have water, electrolytes, and carbs to get you through it. Eat a good meal about two hours before you start training. Eat well after. 
  • Feel free to scale this back, as it is quite a bit of volume. Try a quarter of the distances and reps at first and then work your way up. If that's too much, try 1/10th of distances and reps. 
  • You may choose to use the concept of the Self-Imposed Rule during this workout. If you feel as though you may be coming close to a Personal Record on a particular exercise, but you are not sure if you can complete it, that would be a good time to challenge yourself. You can add it directly after whatever exercise you're doing or you can tack it on to the end of this workout.
  • Vary your course on your run. Run on flats sometimes, run on trails, run on roads, run up hills. Make it different. 
  • For the handwalking, it is very unlikely that you will be able to do all 500 meters of it in one go (at least not for a very long time).  Break it up as much as you need and remember that you can scale the whole workout back if you need to. 
  • On the push-ups, you should try to do as many as you can before you fail. Getting 500 push-ups is one set is going to be very, very hard, so you can try to break it up into as many sets as you need. You can mix up the push-ups between normal and fingertip as you like. If you ever get to be able to do 500 normal push-ups in one set add a total of 500 fingertip push-ups following the completion of the 500 normal push-ups for a total of 1,000 push-ups. 
  • One Leg Forward Hops are pretty simple. Stand on one foot and hop forward for the listed distance. Switch sides and repeat. 
  • For the wall sit, your hand can be behind your head, crossed over your chest, or held out in front of you. Your thighs must maintain 90 degrees the entire time. Rest 30-60 seconds between sets. 
  • For Double Lateral Hops, you'll get in a slightly lowered stance with your feet a little wider than shoulder width. Use on leg to push off to one side two times and then immediately spring off in the other directions twice. That will be 1 rep on each side. 
  • With at least hand wraps on, hit a heavy bag or a striking post with 500 total punches and then 500 total kicks. 
That's all for today! Good luck and train hard!

Friday, July 3, 2015

Real Anime Training is Changing

Hey, guys!

So, for a long time, Real Anime Training was a completely free website. We didn’t sell training programs or fitness consultations or anything like that. All we did was post workouts and write fitness articles. The original goal of the blog was to inspire and teach and help people and I really did not want that kind of thing to be limited by someone’s ability to buy things.

However, there are these things called bills.

Due to staggering financial crisis that is adulthood, I started offering Personalized Training Programs and (more recently) pre-made Character Training Programs. This was moderately helpful, but was truthfully a little frustrating for me, because it made me feel like I was not able to help people who needed help. I also do not want to feel like I’m constantly selling things to people.

I felt a strong conviction from God (ALERT: Religious Content) that I needed to bring the site back to its roots, both for the sake of people who needed help and for my own sanity. As such, Real Anime Training will no longer be selling training programs, pre-made or personalized, but will be instead making them available upon request. This may take a little longer than normal, but the upside is that the training programs, once made, will be available to everyone.

I’m gonna move in the direction I feel God is moving me. Thus, Real Anime Training will return to being free. If you feel led to donate to our cause, by all means, please do so. The more our readers donate, the easier it will be for me to put out content instead of, you know, working more hours.

Last month, between the main blog and Tumblr alone, over 150,000 people benefited from Real Anime Training workouts and content. At bare minimum, if 1% of those people donated just $1/month, I’d be able to start blogging full time– putting out content on a daily basis, meaning workouts and articlesand videos and answering questions, while simultaneously being able to build and post training programs for free. (For those of you who have moral objections to math, that’s $1,500/month that we would need donated for me to be able to blog full time.)

So, as of today, whether or not anybody actually donates, we’ll be taking down our training program page. I want to be here for YOU. I want to help as many people as I can and I cannot do that in the way that I would like if I am constantly concerned with whether or not you can pay me for it. If you want to donate, please do. You can donate with our PayPal “Donate” button at or on Real Anime Training’s Tumblr. Donate one time or set up a recurring monthly donation. Either way, you can be sure that you are supporting better content all the time that is focused on helping and inspiring people in their fitness journeys.

I will keep you guys updated on our donations and what we’re doing. If we start receiving a slew of donations that goes above and beyond our current needs as a website and my personal needs, I have some really great ideas on expanding the free services that we will provide, the first of which is bringing on a certain someone as a full-time writer, video-maker, and trainer. I’ll let you guys argue amongst yourselves about who that certain someone is. :D

Friday, June 26, 2015

Itagaki's "Go-Go Mode" Workout

Itagaki Manabu is fast.  Really fast.  When he really pushes himself in the ring, it's like everything else just slows down around him.  He perceives his opponent moving in what is essentially slow motion. This workout is about speed, reaction, and reflexes. The workout might be a little less volume than Itagaki's KBG Workout, but it's intensity is cranked to the max. You should be pushing hard on every sprint and every hard round.


Itagaki's "Go-Go Mode" Workout

  1. Sprint 100 Meters
  2. Jog 100 Meters
  3. Back Peddle Sprint 50 Meters
  4. Back Peddle Jog 50 Meters
--10 Rounds, then

  1. Run 2 Miles, as fast as possible
  2. Shadowbox 30 Seconds

Afternoon (4-6 hours later): Rest 1 Minute after each Exercise
  1. 3 Minutes Footwork Practice (Warm-up)
  2. 3 Minutes Speedbag Practice (Warm-up)
  3. 3 Minutes Double-End Bag Practice (Warm-up)
  4. 3 Minutes Jump Rope (Warm-up)
  5. 30 Seconds Moderate/30 Seconds Hard x 6 Rounds Foot Work Practice
  6. 4 x 3 Minutes Moving Speedbag Practice
  7. 4 x 3 Minutes Double-End Bag Practice
  8. 30 Seconds Moderate/30 Seconds Hard x 6 Rounds Heavy Bag Work OR Shadowboxing
  9. 4 x 3 Minutes Dodging Punches
  10. 4 x 3 Minutes Heavy Bag Work, Mitt Work, OR Sparring 
  11. Recover 5 Minutes
  12. 20 Seconds On/10 Seconds Off x 8 Rounds of One of the Following: Shadowboxing, Jump Rope, OR Heavy Bag Work
  13. Recover 5 Minutes
  14. GO-GO MODE: 3 Minutes All-Out Shadowboxing OR Heavy Bag (Keep moving!!)

  • You should be able to move fast in any direction. The first portion of the workout is designed to build your dashing and retreating speed. You'll push yourself hard and then recover for the same distance.  When you finish the sprint intervals, run 2 miles as fast as you can and then bust out 30 seconds of super hard shadowboxing. You'll be spent, but you won't have to do anything for 4-6 hours. 
  • The first four rounds of the second workout are just for warming up. Go at a relatively easy pace for all four rounds so you're ready for the full-force work later in the session. 
  • For the footwork practice, think about every possible way that you can move during a fight. Forward, back, side to side, circling, shuffling, bouncing, half steps forward in multiple directions, changing footwork and direction mid-movement. Don't even think about stopping. The ability to move as quickly as you can in any possible way while on your feet is your only goal during this time.
  • Moving Speedbag Practice is merely moving around the speedbag while you hit it. It will definitely challenge your reaction time and your timing. You'll need to decide if you will change your punch to adapt to the direction of the bag that's already in play or if you will attempt to hit the bag from another angle in order to change its direction. This will be very hard at first. You will fail quite a bit. However, this will do amazing things for your reaction time, your timing, and your hand-eye coordination.
  • Double-end bag practice is essential. You need to be able to hit, dodge, and hit again repeatedly. Start slowly as to not hurt yourself, but eventually you should be able to hit the double-end bag quickly and respond in kind, perhaps even while moving around it. 
  • The High-Intensity Intervals found in the 30 Seconds Moderate/30 Seconds Hard Rounds are designed to push your conditioning and get you used to moving at a high rate of speed.  Don't spend too much time thinking. Just move. You may have to start with simple 1-2s in order to keep from tripping over yourself, but, eventually, combinations will flow from this controlled chaos and you will feel more comfortable at this break-neck speed.
  • When you are dodging punches, you should start slowly and begin with simple attacks. Avoid going too fast or using a lot of combinations until you are very accustomed to this training. Wear gear and gloves, of course. Use head movement, swaying, footwork and parrying to avoid being hit. This is not the time to block. We're trying not to get hit at all. If you get hit, that's fine. Reset and start over.
  • The four rounds of shadowboxing, bag work, or sparring can be at whatever pace you need. If you need to work on technique, go for it. If you need some hard sparring or power work on the bag, now's the time. 
  • Use the recovery time. Slow your breathing down. Walk around. Drink water (which you should have been doing throughout the whole workout). Stretch a little if you need to. We're going to go all-out and your body needs to recover to be able to put the most amount of effort into these full power bursts. 
  • This first burst is in Tabata Format and is only 4 minutes long. However, it's a LONG 4 minutes, because the 20 seconds of work are at as near 100% as you can get yourself. 
  • This last round is GO time. You put every last ounce of speed and power into 3 minutes. You are the God of Time, living in a realm of speed no mere mortal can hope to keep up with. Feel free to collapse at the end, because for 3 minutes, there should not be a single moment where you stop moving and hitting.
That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Monday, June 22, 2015

The Crystal Gem Workouts

The Crystal Gems from "Steven Universe" have a variety of abilities and are very strong. These workouts are designed to mimic the look and movements of Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl... and Steven! Garnet is primarily about strength, Amethyst's workout focuses on her carefree attitude and how much she jumps around, Pearl's is centered around graceful movements.

They'll always save the day.

  1. 21 Thrusters @ 95#
  2. 15 Front Squats @ 95#
  3. 9 OHP @ 95#
  4. 6 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls @ 95#
  5. 3 Barbell Curls @ 95#
--AMRAP in 10 Minutes


  1. 25 Meter Bear Crawl 
  2. 25 Meter Cartwheels
  3. 25 Meter Long Jump Burpees
  4. 25 Meter Sled Push-Pull @ 2 x BW
--AMRAP in 10 Minutes


  1. 100 Meter Run
  2. 50 Meter Walking Lunge to Single Leg Deadlift w/Bar (see notes)
  3. 25 Meters Skipping
--AMRAP in 10 Minutes


  1. 5 Minutes Walking
  2. 30 Seconds High Knee Marching
  3. 30 Seconds Raise Arms-Lower to Sides-Calf Raise
  4. 30 Seconds Side Bends
  5. 30 Seconds Dumbbell Deadlift to Side Lateral Raise @ 5#/Hand
  6. 30 Seconds Holding Dumbbells Out to Side w/Squat @ 5#/Hand
  7. 30 Seconds Jogging
  8. 5 Minutes Walking
--Complete at an easy pace


  • These workouts can be completed one after another or separately. 
  • Make sure you keep good form, even if you are trying to go fast. 
  • Make sure you alternate your cartwheels.
  • When you go to jump on the burpees, you'll need to jump as far a possible forward before completing the next rep. 
  • On the walking lunge to single leg deadlift, hold the bar in the front rack position. Lunge forward and, as you stand,  bring the bar down until it is down at your hips. Bending at the hips, keep one foot on the ground and the other straight out behind you so that your body is parallel to the ground and the bar is near or touching the ground. Return to standing, clean the bar back into position and repeat on the other side until you complete the listed distance. 
  • Steven's workout is meant to be very easy. 
  • For the third exercise, raise your arm over your head, then lower them to your sides like in a jumping jack in an easy motion. Then perform a calf raise. Repeat until the time is up. 
  • Make sure your hands are over your head during the side bends. 
  • Pick up the dumbbells in in front of you, perform a side lateral raise and then lower the dumbbells back to the ground. 
That's all for today! Until next time, good luck and train hard!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

The World Martial Arts Tournament (AKA: The Tenkaichi Budokai)

 Who is the strongest fighter in the world? (Click the link to donate now!)

Is it you?

Fans of Dragon Ball will recognize the Tenkaichi Budokai (or World Martial Arts Tournament) as the pinnacle of martial arts display.

The goal of this project is to attempt to re-create the Tournament in a real-life setting, bringing fighters from all around the world (hopefully) to compete on a large, raised, open platform tournament. The tournament will ideally consist of an application round, a series of preliminary matches, and the main 8 man-tournament. The rule-set will have to be modified from the original rules in the series, but will be as close as possible, given any legal limitations.

Exactly What is the Money Being Raised For?

The $20,000 goal listed for the creation of the project will take care of the rental of the grounds for 1 to 3 days (depending on how large the tournament is), the acquistion of seating, audio and lighting equipment, payment of officials and tournament workers, video equipment for the creation of the Tournament DVD, promotion of the event (in the form of a website, radio spots, and other ads), and prize money for the winning participant. The more that is raised, the better the event and the prizes will be for the winner and runners-up. Everyone who makes it to the final 8-man tournament will recieve a prize, but not necessarily monetary in nature.

Long-Term Goals of the Project

Hopefully, upon the success of the tournament, we will immediately begin planning the next one, with the goal of seeking out stronger and stronger fighters to determine the strongest fighter in the world and increasing the prizes available to the fighters. The eventual goal is to create a promotion that will fairly compensate its fighters, while providing top-notch, action-packed matches for all in attendance and viewing at home (via DVD, streaming, or otherwise.)

There are many fighters who put a lot of work into their craft and fight hard for the fans, but aren't able to train as they'd like, due to monetary issues. One of the long-term goals of this promotion is to fix that problem.

We Want to Give Back

10% of the profit made from the ticket sales and sponsorships of the tournament will go to help the homeless and those affected with PTSD, particularly veterans.

We need your help to get started! (Click the link to donate now!)